On some of our pieces, you'll see that it says it is "Made to Order"


StonedClassy is lucky enough to be located in Philadelphia, a city absolutely full of talented artists. In fact, it's so full of them, we simply can't keep up with ordering art from all of them! So, we came up with a pretty simple idea.

Some of our artists have what they call "production items." These are pieces that they have made enough times that they know they can reproduce them. Some of these pieces we offer on our site without actually having them in stock. When you place an order for one of them, we immediately notify the artist to start work on your new piece!

The down side is, of course, you sometimes have to wait one or more extra days for your piece.

The up side is you get a one of a kind piece from a Philadelphia-based artist for much cheaper than you could have gotten if you had gone directly to them (we do get wholesale pricing after all!) Oh yeah, and, you still get a free Vatra case of course!

By: Kyle Morley


  • December 01, 2014
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