Perfect Crush

Just when you thought the grinder market wasn't going to change, Perfect Crush created a line of high quality grinders at an unbelievable price. Their grinders are made from premium zinc alloy and uses 54 diamond shaped blades to give you perfect grounded herb with every use. Even better, every grinder is protected under their lifetime warranty.

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Premium Zinc Alloy 4-Chamber Grinder

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Short Description: Includes: Lifetime Warranty, Polyester Travel Bag, Pollen Scraper, Cleaning Brush Approximate Length: 2" x 2" Approximate Weight: 1lb Material: Premium Zinc Alloy Description: This might look like an ordinary grinder, but it is much, much more. For starters, it's priced way lower than grinders of comparable sizes from big name companies - and it includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY....