Handcrafted Pipe - Black Walnut

Short Description:

Approximate Length: 6"

Approximate Weight: .5lb

Material: Black Walnut


This pipe from BoardBros design is not what you typically picture when you think of a spoon/dry pipe. You may be used to the $10 bowls you find down the shore, but BoardBros is here to let everyone know that dry pipe bowls can be both practical and stunning. Since the pipe is hand carved, each one is completely unique and the love that goes into each one is apparent. The pipe is made from black walnut - the finest exotic hardwood around and a staple of America's rich woodworking history. When you buy one of these pipes, you're truly buying a piece of art. It is available in two varieties: with or without feet. The variety without feet is slightly cheaper and features a larger head to help it balance perfectly.

Please note that these are natural, one of a kind products and therefore the item you receive may vary slightly from what you see here.

$ 150.00
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