Generally, the idea of requesting custom work from an artist is if you like their particular style. However, you are free to request any style or type of piece you want!


Requesting Custom Work Terms:

1. Requesting custom work from an artist does not ensure that the artist will take the work - though we'll do our best to convince them!

2. Once we have forwarded your request to our artist, and if they decide to take it, they will come up with a price quote and time frame.

3. We will then contact you with those details. The price is negotiable, and the time frame is subject to change.

4. Once we have reached an agreement, you will need to pay up-front, and in full. This is non-negotiable.

5. Once we have accepted your payment, the artist will start the work on your brand new custom piece!

6. All of our standard shipping and payment terms apply.

7. Custom pieces do not come with a free case.

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