StonedClassy was created to be a new type of smokeware provider. One you can trust and feel good about browsing. The days of looking over your shoulder while browsing online headshops are over. You've grown up, and now the market is growing with you.

A Free Vatra case with every order. $10 Shipping.

We offer high quality Water Pipes for herbs, Dab Rigs, Dry Pipes, and Bubblers at a reasonable price. These pieces were hand-picked by us here at StonedClassy, and we're confident you'll love them - and we're even more confident you'll love the free Vatra case we send with every order. We are constantly looking for new pieces to add to our collection. If you have any brand or type that you want but we don't have, just let us know, and we'll do our best to get it for you.

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