Hemp Hammock

This revolutionary new product is the perfect way to store and dispense your hemp wick. This innovative product is pocket sized, holds 6 feet of wick and is perfect those who always want some hemp rope by their side. The unit offers many solutions to traditional hemp rope problems such as the hassle of messy ash residue left over after each use, and foreign particles such as pocket fuzz sticking to the wick.


The HempHammock has many great features that set it apart from all other hemp wick dispenser on the market:

- A hand-made all natural wooden container that houses a refillable oak spool that holds over 6 feet of high quality waxed hemp wick.

- After each session, the unused hemp wick can be easily retracted by pulling back on the spool at the bottom of the unit.

-To eliminate any concern about the messy ember residue left behind after each use, simply slide the top slide over the lit wick to extinguish the flame, housing any potential ash.

-When the hemp wick is depleted, the oak spools can easily be removed and then rewound by hand or the available replacement spools are cheap and convenient.

-The unit is compact, durable and designed for everyday use. Each unit is carefully handcrafted and inspected to ensure customer satisfaction.

$ 20.00
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